The Hope

‘The Prayer for Love’ is a prayer that was manifested by a person living in beautiful Scotland; and while not being attached to any particular religion, that person often meditates, and prays to the Divine creator of All-That-Is.

‘The Prayer for Love’ was written using a modern vocabulary in the hope that it may help people more easily relate to it, whether they be religious or not.

While it is not intended to replace, in part or in whole, any religion’s own prayer or message or belief; it is hoped that ‘The Prayer for Love’ might help encourage people to come together as one, in peace and harmony, and help each other shine with love; helping create the conditions that will allow us to collectively solve the big challenges facing all humanity, and bring an end to the pain and suffering.

We are on a spiritual journey in a physical world.
The Catalyst for the positive change necessary in the World is LOVE;
and the Catalyst for the Love necessary in the World can be ‘The Prayer For Love’ ;
provided everyone chooses to be the qualities in ‘The Prayer For Love’ and share.
To move the world’s Love to where it needs to be; everyone needs to be the Love; and to
Maintain their Love; and continously help others to Maintain their self Love and Love for
others, all life and everything.
Now Share.

It is hoped that the words of ‘Potentiality’ will encourage people to take some time to be still, silent and calmly reflect upon life and contemplate some of the possibilities.